“La Cocina de Mamá” – Mexican Cuisine.

“La Cocina de Mamá” located at 535 Main Street Shelbyville, KY 40065 opened its doors to the public on September 25, 2013 after 20 years of experience and hard work in the restaurant industry. The ideal location was chosen based on the community, their tastes, and needs.

In addition, there are two other locations in Kentucky with the same name.

La Cocina de Mamá (Mom’s Kitchen) Restaurant is family owned and rooted in Mexican heritage.The owners immigrated to the USA from Mexico hoping to experience the American Dream.Our humble beginning included plenty of hard work and determination as we all learned the restaurant business here in the U.S.

Our kitchen starts with amazing recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation.

What makes us different is the taste, concept, and presentation of our dishes. We enjoy colors, textures, and flavors of Mexican cuisine. We are people committed to our family business. Our team makes customers feel at home as they all work together  to provide the best customer service possible. Our customers agree that the concept is different, the flavors are delightful, and  the food is simply delicious.

Our chefs offer Mexican cuisine with both traditional and modern flavors. Our dishes are prepared with fruits and vegetables locally grown and harvested. Our menu constantly reinvents itself to create unique flavors; however, we remain consistent with traditional Mexican ingredients.

Famous dishes such as: mole poblano, fish tacos, roasted suckling pig, enmoladas, deviled shrimp, and much more are created fresh daily. We STRIVE to serve better quality food than other casual restaurants. Our goal is not to be cheapest, but to serve great quality food.

Our vision for the future is to open additional restaurants (maybe a restaurant chain), followed by continuous improvement in quality of both service and food.

“Those who come and try, come back! Because only our visitors understand the difference compared to other  Mexican restaurants.”