Beginning Friday, May 22, at this establishment, in accordance with the rules, we will operating at a maximum of 33% indoor seating capacity in addition to outdoor seating. That means we will have less tables than normal.


In order to accommodate our patrons and while maintaining social distancing protocol’s to keep our team work and our patrons as safe as possible, there will be some arrangements.


The establishment will be open seven days a week at normal hour’s. There will be call ahead-seating and walk-ins, you can call to the establishment for call ahead seating,(no reservations). unfortunately, if there is no tables available you will have to wait in the car, just leave your info with hostess and we will reach you as soon as possible when a table is available.


Since we can not use our regular menu’s, instead we are using QR CODE’S so when you come in for dinner we want to keep you safe as possible. How to use QR CODE’S! on the tables there will be two QR CODE’S, one for food menu and one for alcohol beverages, all you have to do is open your cell phone camera and put it close to the QR CODE, a link will pop up saying to open it, then automatically will take you to the menu. If you have question you can ask to you server he/she will be more than happy to help you.


We will continue offering carry-out, delivery, curbside pick up, and online order’s.


We know this is way different than we all are used to, so we ask to be patient with us, as we work to adjust to this way of doing things for the foreseeable future. you all have already been so wonderful and supportive since all of this began, and we can’t thank all of you enough.


Thank you again for you continued support and understanding. We love our Shelbyville community. Stay safe and healthy, and we hope to see you soon.


La Cocina De Mama Team!

Welcome to

La Cocina de Mamá Mexican Cuisine.

A place where customer satisfaction comes first.

The recipes have seasoning and love that every mother puts into her dishes when cooking for her children. So sit back, and enjoy mom’s home cooking. We assure you that you won’t regret it! As mentioned in the saying:

A full belly, happy heart.”

Be sure to check our menu to learn more about the variety of dishes we prepare.

Bienvenidos a

La Cocina de Mamá Mexican Cuisine.

Lugar dónde la satisfacción del cliente es lo primero.

Las recetas de la cocina de mamá tienen el sazón y el amor que cada madre pone en sus platillos cuando cocinan para sus hijos. Sea parte de esta muestra culinaria, le aseguramos que terminara con un buen sabor de boca. Tal como lo menciona el refrán :

“A barriga llena, corazón contento.”

No olvide consultar nuestro menú para conocer más sobre la variedad de platillos que preparamos.

Happy Hour


15:00 to 19:00


15:00 to 19:00


15:00 to 19:00

5.00 or less until 19:00
5.00 Appetizers (Dine-in Only)

Drink responsibly. We will be more than glab to call a cab for you.


“You will find anything from appetizers to finely crafted dishes.”

Encontrará desde entradas hasta platillos finamente elaborados.

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